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14:15 The World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal game is underway right now. Team Canada dumped the US yesterday to earn their spot in this game. At this point, the game is 3-0 in the first period. The three goals were scored within minutes of each other to put Canada into the lead. A Team Canada vs Russia is a classic matchup, one that Canadians who follow hockey love to see battled out.

At one time I used to follow hockey avidly. These days, I am not as liable to pay attention until days like this.

14:40 Six minutes into the second period and Canada has widened the lead by another goal. 4-0 Canada

14:50 Russia has registered their first goal of the game, still in the second period. One can never under estimate the Russian players.

16:20 Canada takes the GOLD!!… I got distracted for a bit on a phone call and hang up to discover… WE WON!! 4-2 over Russia. For some commentary on the game visit here.