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Well, today is the first day I’m heading towards my office in Peterborough and after weeks of nothing in sight but rain, cloud or sunshine — it may well decide to snow today. The forecast seems to be swaying between flurries and snow.

Wonderful, I really don’t mind snow, just not on days where I need to drive any where. OH well, if it snows, then I’ll have to deal with it. Currently it is raining where I am on the lakeshore but as I head north I know full well that different weather is a distinct possibility.

I had a relatively quiet weekend. Managed to get between rain showers on Saturday to have a walk with my friend. She let me know she’s off for a bit of a spur of the moment trip to the Dominican on Friday. Sounds like she’ll have a blast! Good for her. Got my email inbox caught up to and cleaned out. Sometimes it is a no win battle catching up to that.

As I was preparing the church bulletins I realized that it wont be long and the liturgical season of Lent will be upon us. As the parish doesn’t yet have an incumbent priest if we are going to have a Lenton study group it will have to be setup by ourselves. I announced Sunday that we will have our coffee hour next Sunday and we do have some things to discuss.

I had a chat with my fellow warden after church about a book I have by Marcus Borg called The Heart of Christianity. I’ve recently picked up a study guide that has been produced by Borg and a Canadian United Church Minister to use with the book. He’s read the book and I think we both agree on considering using the guide to create a study group for the book.

I had a look at the guide after I got home and it looks well laid out to be able to put a group together. Last year there was consensus by the congregation that we’d do our group after church on Sundays and that was overrode by the interim priest we had. This year the day and time it runs will be driven by the congregation. I personally like the Sunday afternoon idea. It provides us an opportunity to break bread together and then settle into some study time.

I’ve managed to get two of my blogs caught up this week. I’m shooting for bringing one blog up to date next week and getting another that has been sitting and waiting for attention configured and content loaded into it. That would leave two other domains waiting for configuring and content.

There are also two more sites one which needs updating and the other which needs configuring that are for a couple of groups I’m part of waiting to get up and running. It’s my hope once they are up and running others will contribute to the content on those.

Guess I better get packed up and head north. I’m going to be hoping that the rain continues and doesn’t turn white and fluffy.