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Well, here we are on Monday again and the winter that hasn’t been, has decided today was a nice day to arrive. Woke this morning to the sound of rain which of course had to be freezing rain since the temperature was below freezing.

I had seen the weather forecasts yesterday which were calling for snow here and in Peterborough so I called the clients that were booked for then and rebooked them to Wednesday. I had one other client who was to come from Cobourg in the afternoon to my home. I waited a bit to see if it settled down and then decided to call her anyways and reschedule her. She’s an older lady and I really didn’t want to see her slip and fall or have an accident on the way.

Having had several years of having to drive to and from Toronto in all kinds of weather I rather enjoy being able to make the call not to travel in bad weather. Although, having made the call this morning, a meeting that was scheduled for tonight in Grafton is going ahead so I will end up out on these roads. Hopefully they aren’t too bad.

Being home gave me opportunity to work on some files and get them caught up along with some posts on another one of my blogs.