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With the temperature sitting at 5F at the moment (no I don’t follow celsius) it doesn’t take much to understand it is BLOODY cold outside. I’m thankful I don’t have to go out. This morning about 6am according to the icon in my system tray which keeps me updated on the weather in Peterborough, it was -13F up there which was much better than the -4F it was here at the time.

So, was it just a couple of weeks ago that I was asking where the hell winter had gone? Seems it found us. We’ve since then had an ice storm, some snow (but not a significant amount) and now frigid temperatures. I was out with my friend on Tuesday afternoon for our weekly walk. Thankfully, the temps hadn’t dived to the current levels and we had sunshine to walk in which was nice.

We made the announcement at Trinity last Sunday that we’re going to have a new priest arrive in May. She will be leaving her current parish, moving into her new home in the village and will take over duties on May 1st. This will end about 18 months of somewhat unsettled times. It hasn’t been a bad time in that we’ve had some strong support from retired clergy and the congregation has drawn together to keep the needs of the church met.

As for my four footed kid, Dawn, she’s growing like a weed as can be expected. Until yesterday I had never seen a cat as social as her. She has been front and center when ever someone came into the house and right there to make friends with them. Yesterday, my neighbour came over to do a repair in my washroom for me and Dawn not only disappeared but when she did reappear she bolted as soon as she saw that he was still here. I eventually ended up bringing her out of the bed she had taken refuge in about an hour after he left. Will be interesting to see what she does next time someone comes to the door.

In other areas, she’s an incorrigible little character.

I’m starting to make a bit of progress on keeping her away from my meals when I’m eating. She seems to be catching on that if she waits patiently for me to finish my meal, I will leave a bit on the plate and set it down by her food bowl. If she doesn’t, the plate gets promptly scrapped and rinsed denying her anything.

I discovered the other day she doesn’t take well to being disciplined. We have an ongoing struggle going on in which I want her to stay off my counter, especially in the food prep area and she thinks she needs to be at my side when I’m preparing food to supervise. The other day I picked her up by the scruff of the neck, which is how an adult cat disciplines, gave her a shake and dropped her on the floor. After the third time, I heard her rather muted meow at my feet and looked down in time to see her up on her hind legs swatting at my hand… presumably letting me know she didn’t appreciate being punished.

As I write this.. she’s in one of the places I appreciate her most. Sleeping soundly just about 3 feet away from my chair. Awww.. the sleeping babe and all that.