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WordPress, which is the blogging package my blogs run on, released a major update to their package this past week. After spending some time exploring some of the wordpress guru sites looking for the updating horror stories I decided to update mine.

I didn’t find a lot of update horror stories which was a good sign. My hosting package provides me with a pretty easy installation panel called Fantastico through which I can do my updates with just a click of a button. So far, any updates I’ve done through the panel has really gone well.

So, it appears all my current blogs are upgraded to the new version and nothing seems to have crashed into oblivion on me. I did have one momentary panic when it appeared that the visual editor into which I type my entries was no longer present and I’d have to do my entries using HTML.

I don’t have a problem with that as I’m pretty comfortable writing code. I just prefer to  focus on writing content and letting my blog package create the code most of the time. A quick search of a couple of forums yielded how to turn the editor on and I’m now a happy camper.

ON another note, I’ve started a new blog called “Patti’s Network News”. I realized the other day that I have a bit of a network of blogs developing and for some strange reason, people seem to like reading my stuff. SO, the new blog will have brief entries pointing to where ever I have written new material. A link to it can be found in my blogroll.