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It's snowing todayI may have earlier this year wondered where the hell winter had gone but I think I found it has indeed arrived. A tad late, but without doubt a peek out my window today is letting me know, I really do live in Canada. It’s comforting, I really would hate to discover that I had been transplanted to some other place like .. Florida and would require a passport to fly back to my favoured home.

As you can see in the picture accompanying this entry, it is snowing today. I shot this from my front window shortly before sitting down to do this entry. (you can click the picture to get an enlarged view of the snow)

Meanwhile, as I write this entry, I am listening to one of the greatest contributors to global warming in progress on my TV… debate in the House of Commons. I suspect we could reduce our greenhouse gas output by shutting the house down.

Anyways, for those who live in greener climes, you may wonder what I like about seeing snow in winter. Well, beyond the fact that it is normal to see snow, it is pretty when it’s falling and I don’t have to be driving in it. This fall today is coming down somewhat heavy but lazily which is relaxing. Wouldn’t be quite as relaxing if I was looking at it through my windshield, but not bad from the picture window.

I hear were heading back into deep freeze by the weekend. I’m not really crazy on deep freeze, I really prefer just barely freezing temps so I get the pretty look and warmer temps. I know, fussy bitch aren’t I. … UMM don’t answer that.