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The weather that settled in on February 1st and triggered a deadly accident nearby on Canada’s busiest highway is still going on today. It’s 6:30am and I’ve just returned from the church where I met up with the person who will be plowing the snow there. Sort of surprising that this is February and it is the first we’ve needed someone to plow the snow this winter. No wonder the guy who has done it for years went out of the business.

Coffee is brewing, after being out in the cold and wind, it’s going to be welcomed when it’s ready. I am now suspecting that I’m going to be making some calls here before long to cancel church for today. Our priest is coming from Lakefield and with the snow, wind and cold I expect driving is going to be hazardous. We have a pretty small congregation so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to drag someone that distance.

Yesterday the weather seemed to have cleared a bit so I went into the church office, ran off the bulletins for this church and our sister church in Grafton. I wanted to go into Cobourg so figured that I could drop theirs off on my way and save a trip over there this morning.

What was not bad when I went into the office had turned into a wall of snow by the time I came out of the office. Thankfully I don’t live far from there. Made my way home, called the warden at the sister church who lives in town and told him he can pick the bulletins up this morning on his way past my place.

We now have a wind chill warning in effect. The weather sites are saying that the temperature will feel like -30C with the wind chill. That means that if you go out, you keep skin covered as exposed skin can start to freeze in seconds in temperatures like that, especially if exposed to the wind.

I am never in want for something to do but I have to say that staying home, warm, dry and safe on a day like today is better than comfort food. I have some reading and some writing I want to do so I can more or less spend the day in my armchair. There is a roast in the fridge that will go into the oven later and the snug cocoon effect will be complete.

As for the accident the other day, investigators expect that it will take several weeks before they piece together what happened for sure. What is known is that 23 cars and 7 transports, one of which exploded and burned which triggered other vehicles to burn, were involved and 2 people died. The names of the deceased have not been released other than to say they were not from the Cobourg area.

The highway has been re-opened and hopefully people out there today will drive carefully. The 401 is not a road I will drive on days like this. But then, I tend to be more cautious. I have to go to my office in Peterborough tomorrow, I will likely leave early and drive carefully on the secondary roads. I just hope my client shows up or I’m going to be ticked. Then, what else is new.