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This entry will be updated over the course of the day. I posted yesterday that I have been working on getting my activity level up through walk in place walking. While not a lot of people left comments, the entry had over 300 reads in less than 12 hours. I suspect I’m not alone in my need to get up and get moving no matter how large I am. In order to attain success, you need to declare the intent. So, I’m declaring.

Yesterday, I reached 9,253 steps by the end of the day. That included 1 hour of focused walk in place and my regular moving around. I have deliberately increased the amount I get up and move around the house. Today, it is just about 8:30am and at this point I have attained 4,956 steps or 2.6km. I’ve done 35 minutes of walk in place so far.

Today’s goal will be to reach in the area of 12,000 steps. I know I said yesterday that I wanted 10,000 as my next target but I was so close yesterday, I need to move the goal posts. Right now I have a timer counting down an hour. It is my intent to run that throughout the day since I’m going to be home. At the end of each hour will be 5 minutes of walk in place. At noon, I should be doing 20 more minutes. Around 4pm another 15 minutes.

So, what’s your intent?

UPDATE 12:45 — just finished 20 minutes of walk in place, in addition to the three 5 minute ‘breaks’ I did this morning. As of right now, my pedometer is showing 9,006 steps and 4.7km. Shouldn’t have any trouble making 10k steps… it is the 12k that might be a long shot. But, let’s see how the day pans out.