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Well, it is about 3pm on Thursday and at this point in the day, I have only 9k steps for the day. I should be able to easily pass the 10k point but that falls a tad short of the 13-14k I’d like to be at. I’ve spent about 60 minutes in walk in place today.

Been working on writing for my blogs today so haven’t been up and moving around some. That is when I get appreciative of doing this walk in place. Without it, I likely would not have even broke 500 steps.

As I’ve already written about, I got in 12,325 steps on Monday which took me over the 12k threshold. Tuesday I broke the 13k threshold with 13,150 steps. That included my weekly walk with my friend which helped to boost my level up there. Yesterday, I was out doing a fair amount of driving so, I only got up to 2300 steps which is one reason I need to try push the envelope some today.

It’s a lovely day out today, nice and bright and sunny. Temp got up around 60F today (16C) which was nice enough for me to be able to open up my upstairs which has just put Dawn into kitty heaven. She has more room to play in, although she keeps running downstairs and meowing at me like she’s confused why I’m not trying to get her back down here like if she had scooted into my back room. Silly kitty.

UPDATE: It’s now just after 7pm and I’ve just broke 12k steps. I may make it over the 13k mark but I’m also feeling burn in my calves which is usually a sign it is time to ease off a bit.