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I’m writing the original version of this post by hand today. You know, using the old fashion stuff — pen and paper. I managed to leave the power cord for my laptop at work last night and while I have a desktop system, it likes to shut itself off on a regular basis. If I write and then transcribe I make better use of computer time.

Normally, doing something like leaving the power cord behind would have prompted me to turn round and go back for it. That may have proved foolhardy last night knowing that another winter storm was bearing down on us in southern Ontario. Actually, I should say, bearing UP on us as it is coming out of the US. And you Americans think we send you the cold weather!

Being without my computer and the TV (that is another story) I wandered off to bed to snuggle into a nice warm place to read before settling down for the night.

I awoke around 3am to the sound of a howling wind slapping ice pellets against the house. I pulled the covers a little closer and rolled over to drift off again, only to have my young cat decide to use me for a jumping base in an attempt to get me up. Both cats managed to harangue me out of bed before daylight.

As I write this, snow is falling steadily. It is supposed to clear off later on. I need to go into town later on to pick up potatoes for Friday night’s supper at the Legion. A group of guys come in the day before our dinners and peel the potatoes. While I’m in there I’ll probably pick up the roast and cook it here while I get some other work done.

The storm moving in has caused a delay by a day the repatriation of the young Canadian killed in Afghanistan on Sunday. It will be tomorrow which means I wont be able to be there as I’ll be at work in Oshawa. Canadians will line the bridges along the Highway of Heroes from Trenton to Toronto to honour this young man who gave his life for his country and to show his family we care.

Canada is preparing to vote to remain in Kandahar until 2011, provided we get some help from other NATO forces. We have no idea how many more times we’ll be going to the bridges. The last one will be just as important and sad as the first one.