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Well, winter is almost over and true to form, I have been battling a cold that went into bronchitis. It has been a miserable 2 weeks or so. I think I’m slowly starting to see the tail end of it as my voice comes back to normal and I try to regain my energy so I can actually accomplish something.

Thursday I ventured out to do some much needed errands (cats thought that running out of their food was not funny) and tired myself out pretty good. So, today I spent mostly trying to rest and doing some light chores around the house.

I have been reading a very interesting ebook while I’ve been taking it easy. It is written by a lady doctor who talks in pretty simple and straightforward way about how the toxins which build up in our systems can actually be causing some of the struggles with weight that people like myself have. What she writes makes a lot of sense. My sister and I have been discussing the contents of the book back and forth and we both agree that we need to take some steps to change our eating habits and this book is a good place to start.

The changes are not really radical. One of the major changes is the addition of more fibre in my diet which helps to not only decrease appetite but to help clean the toxins from the system. One of the obvious ways to accomplish that is by preparing foods rich in beans and grains. The challenge is how to prepare them so they are enjoyable and not a chore.

That is where my sister can be a great help to me as she’s been figuring that sort of menu out for years as she struggled to make sure that a vegetarian daughter got the right nutrients from her foods. She’s told me she will share some of her hints and tips as well as recipes. I’m looking forward to that, she’s a good cook.