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Okay, so today I turn 50 years young, or old. At 50 it is midway into the century so who really cares if it is old or young? Now, that sounds presumptious, that I might live to 100. It’s not impossible actually, my grandparents for the most part lived long lives, my paternal grandmother to 101, my paternal grandfather 96, maternal grandmother 99 and grandfather 88. My parents didn’t fare quite as well, mother died at 74 from breast cancer and dad at 84 also from cancer. So, my odds might be a tad shorter with that.

One legacy my parents left me is that we don’t need to dwell on the various stages of life. They are going to happen, there is not a lot of sense in trying to put them off or fight them, just accept them as the normal cycle of life. I’ve known friends who almost obsess over them, some people become almost immobilized, that just doesn’t make sense. I don’t have to either like them or welcome them, I just have to accept that life change is inevitable.

The only thing that really hasn’t changed in my lifetime — Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is still Queen of Canada and the Commonwealth. That will change sometime in the next few years as age is also creeping up on her. When she passes, I may well see a major change there in my lifetime.

Do I have regrets on the last 50 years? I can’t say regrets, there are some things that if I had chance to relive them, I may do different. Course, I’d have to relive them with the knowledge I currently have. I tend to believe that sometimes, even the things we’d do differently have happened that way for a reason, for a learning experience I might not have had otherwise. Every day, every step, every choice I make influences my future, that is just the law of the universe, I accept that.

Can I change that influence? Sure I can by learning from my past and applying to my future actions.

One thing I’ve very proud of in my first 50 years is that I’ve dedicated time to volunteering and service in my community. I hope that my energies have had a benefit for others. Sometimes I learn of the effect I’ve had on others, sometimes I will never know and that is okay too. I’ve maybe not focused as strongly on my own financial health as I should have in the past years, but you know, not all wealth comes from money.

I am aware that my focus has to tighten in the financial area as I age though as I do need to be able to support myself when I’m no longer able to earn money as it has. That’s underway and every day I improve my ability to grown my finances and that is a good thing.

So, if I can keep health going and keep moving forward what more could I want from my life, eh!?

I’m off to lunch and to the Legion to celebrate with those who can join in today. I don’t normally care about any hoopla for a birthday but what the hell, I’ll only be 50 once! Catch you all later.