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I’m really glad that I stole last Sunday for a day for myself, this last week has been a pretty busy one. A good part of the non-work part of the week was getting ready for a roast beef dinner at the Legion on Friday night. What a meal that was, we served 142 people in just less than an hour and then had to cut the sales off as we had almost run out of meat. We were tired but really pleased. Attendance at these meals is always a guessing game.

Yesterday wasn’t such a good day for me. My stomach decided it was as good a time as any to go into spasms. I had to bail from the preparations and serving of our monthly brunch and retreat to my bed. It’s still hurting today but at least I can sit up and get some writing done. In between, I’m doing a bit of cleanup in the house but am really learning how much my stomach muscles are in use in a given day. As long as I can get dishes done and some general tidy around done, I’ll be happy.

Fall is coming on in this area, the nights are cold and the days are cool. We haven’t had a frost yet but have had a few warnings. The trees are turning, so as soon as I can, a drive through the country should be in order to have a look at the colours. I know, they are the same pretty much every year but there is something that just draws you to them when you’ve grown up in the country.

Last Monday marked my oldest brother leaving the province heading out to British Columbia to settle. My next younger sister will be happy about that as she lives in B.C. and I expect will be delighted to finally have a sibling in the same province, community actually as her. She’s been many years there on her own. That leaves one brother (who I don’t have contact with, his choice) and one sister who I would love to see more often but she’s in the other end of the province. We at least keep in touch using MSN. I’m hoping my oldest brother will get on MSN when he and his wife get settled.

Well, off to finish some dishes and then I’m going to write some more thoughts over on Out of the Shadows about the upcoming election. I haven’t made many posts on it but have been following it pretty closely.