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This post isn’t about me, it is about two people who are very dear to me. These two people, Scott & Kim, haven’t been in my life for a whole bunch of years but in the short time they have lived in this community, I’ve come to care for them very much.

Kim is the 1st Vice-President at the local Legion Branch, she agreed to take that position when I asked her to become part of the Executive team who would either be the last executive that branch ever had or we’d be the start of a revitalization of a branch on the edge of closure. I had to absolutely guarantee that I would not make her chair a meeting in my absence and that I absolutely would not die and make her become President while she held that position. So far, I’ve not let her down on that.

Scott, joined the Executive this year and was appointed Poppy Chair. After a year of helping Kim as he could, doing what he could and experiencing the frustration that spouses often experience when a spouse is deeply involved in volunteer work — Scott joined us. Scott also frets over the lady in his life and not without some cause. He’s a designer by trade and a musician for fun. He’s proud of the Midlander Drum Corp that he was in as a younger guy, not that he’s very old now.

You see, Kim through her deep faith and determination that she is not going to let lupus take her down, manages to live a pretty full and active life. Lupus is not her only health issue either but I’m not going to go into detail. Scott worries that Kim will push herself too hard and he may lose her.

As often happens though, life has a way of dealing you some nasty cards along the way. Right now, Scott has been dealt a real nasty one — he’s been diagnosed with lung cancer and it is not early on. He’s never had to face a serious health issue for himself, he’s always been able to focus on his family and most importantly, Kim. They have an appointment at the cancer centre in London on Wednesday October 22nd which will determine where things go from here.

There isn’t a lot we can do right now except offer our caring and support. If you’ve read this far, I’m asking you as a visitor to this blog to do something for Scott & Kim right now. I’m asking you to keep them in your prayers, that this nasty disease can be driven from his body and he can be restored to health — that Kim will have the strength she will need to cope with all that is coming without her own health being battered.

Please post a comment with your thoughts and prayers to them.

It is my hope that as they travel down the next weeks and months that this post will be a place they can draw strength and support from as well as from their family and friends. For believers, we know the power of prayer, the peace that can be experienced in being surrounded by the caring and prayers of everyone — family, friends and strangers.