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Hard to believe that October is almost over. Sometimes the months just fly by. As October ends, my thoughts and attention shifts to several areas. The first and most important is Remembrance Day. In Canada and many countries throughout the world we pause on November 11th to remember those who came before us, their service and their sacrifice to keep us free during the last century and now Afghanistan.

Starting October 31st Canadians will start seeing boxes of blood red poppies on countertops in stores and sported on lapels of Canadians. The Royal Canadian Legion spearheads this annual drive. It’s primary purpose is to promote awareness. It also raises funds for the care of our veterans and their dependents. Some perceive the poppy as a support or glorification of war. It is actually, the exact opposite, it is a reminder of the horrible human cost of war. The poppy of Flanders grows mostly in soil where blood has been spilt in battle.

Hard on the heels of the Remembrance period is the run up to Christmas. For the branch that also means that we’re preparing to assemble and distribute hampers to those in our community who are unable to afford even the most basic of Christmas. As the economy worsens, we all become aware of just how close we can come to being one of those who find themselves in need at Christmas. Give what you can to others at Christmas, we never know how life is going to treat us.