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Man, it is hard to believe that we’re almost half way through January already. On one hand that is a good thing, we’re that much closer to spring arriving. On the other hand, looks like this year is going to fly past as fast as 2008 did. Will the calendar just chill out a bit please!

Speaking of chill, it’s very clearly January in Canada, temps dipped into the subzero levels in both celsius and fahrenheit last night and is expected to stay there for a few days at least. I must be really showing my age when I think about the fact that I can remember the subzero (fahrenheit) temps were pretty normal when I was younger.

Really felt the rawness of the frigid temp last Saturday when we were up on the bridge awaiting the passing of the motorcade carrying the remains of Trooper Brian Good and his family. They were a little later than expected leaving the base in Trenton so we were up there for at least an hour. Retreating to our vehicles just wasn’t going to happen, we wait it out knowing that once we’ve shown our support to the family and respect to our fallen Canadian, we can retreat to warmth.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is a full read of the bible (including apocrypha). I’m setting up a 365 day reading plan that I can follow. Each day I’ll be reading from the Old & New Testament as well as readings from Psalms and Proverbs. I’ve got some tweaking to do and then I’m ready to get started on it. We read through the bible (or most of it) over the course of three years in church. This will be daily reading and I’m hoping more meaningful for me.