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Well, at the moment, the sun is out shining brightly. That is much nicer than what has been going on for what seems like the last week. Last Wednesday we had about a foot of snow in an all day snow fall.

Thursday we were supposed to get some ‘flurries’ which turned into about another foot of snow. Friday started off with flurries, just long enough to force me to cancel plans to attend a funeral and then settled down. Saturday more flurries brought another 6-7″ of the damn white stuff.

So far this winter, we’re only two months into it, we’ve had more snow than we had all of last winter and that was considered to be a high amount. February is not known for being light on snow. So, we have February and March to get through.

Snow in April is not unknown so it could be we have another three months. Oh well, we are in Canada. Ticks me off that most of these storm centres are coming out of the States. Keep it to yourself dudes!

Oh yeah, the funeral I had to cancel attending. That was for a member of the Branch who had died suddenly last Sunday evening. Dave had been at the branch that afternoon playing in a pool tournament. He seemed to be in great spirits and health and bam… a few hours later he’s gone. We just never know.

Dave was a nice guy, never did anything to hurt anyone that I’m aware of. He lived on a small cul de sac subdivision in town where neighbours watch out for each other, party together and generally get along. He was known for helping out his neighbours, especially this time of year by blowing out their driveways. He’s going to be missed.

Yesterday we held a Super Bowl party at the branch. It wasn’t heavily attended and probably didn’t last until the game was over as people started drifting home a various stages in the evening. One of the drawbacks to the game being in the evening. We had more people in than usual and of course since we usually close at 6pm, having a crowd there afterwards was a bonus. Food was served so people were able eat supper and enjoy each others company.

This week will be a mix of prepping the reports for our annual vestry meeting at church on Sunday and prepping for three events at the Legion starting with a Roast Beef dinner on Friday evening. Sometimes there is no rest for the wicked.

At some point this week, I’ll be joining other Canadians up on the Highway of Heroes as the latest Canadian soldier is brought home. That is if it is on Wednesday, unfortunately, unless it is snowing, I’ll be at the office on Tuesday. Since no word is out on when the repatriation is supposed to happen, it is starting to look like Wednesday.