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Monday was a pretty productive day for me. I was able to spend most of the day finishing off tweaking the new look for this blog and then revamped It’s All About Money for a relaunch. There are still a few tweaks but then doesn’t any blog need a few tweaks. Right now, it is more important for me to get content into it.

While Ides of May (this blog) is where I right more personal material, It’s All About Money is where I share the online experience, specifically about online marketing. I have three other blogs that I’m planning on revamping and relaunching in the coming weeks. Yeah, I know, I have to be nuts 🙂

As is my usual practice when I’m here at home working on stuff. I generally watch Canada AM in the morning and then turn the TV off until 6pm when I turn on the news and settle in for the evening. One of the characters I always enjoy seeing on CTV News at 6pm is Dave Devall, the weatherman.

I grew up with Dave doing the weather. It was the norm to see a weatherman writing on the air (backwards) so we could see what the weather was going to be. That backward writing was something that made Dave special.

As I got older and particularly since being a Legion member, I’ve always appreciated his support of various community causes, especially the veterans and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Dave is a veteran himself.

Well, Monday evening the announcement was made that after almost 50 years in the business Dave will be retiring in April. His stepping out of the public eye will be one more constant that has been there all my life. A reminder that my own life is constantly changing.

Dave has his own website where you can leave greetings for him and even try to do the backward writing.