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Yesterday was the shortest day of the year, it was also the first official day of winter. We’ve been pretty fortunate so far, we’ve had very little snow so far this season. For the first time in 160 years there was zero snow in November.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really dislike winter. I do love the beauty of a winter snowfall, even the beauty of ice clinging to trees after freezing rain. I don’t enjoy the treacherous roads the weather brings. I deal with them by refusing to budge from the house when a storm is underway or imminent.

The start of winter also brings us very close to Christmas Day, just three days away as I write this entry. I’m going to be spending a quiet day at home on Christmas Day. Depending on the weather on Christmas Eve, I will be going to church and then will settle in for a couple of days of quiet time. I’m looking forward to that time. I have some reading I want to do and some writing.

Christmas is a reminder of the roots of my Christian faith as it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, God in human form. I saw a quote on Twitter the other day “There is one, who was born, who gives life to our living.”, it was tweeted by @AllisonAllen and retweeted by @GailHyatt who I picked it up from.

Christ’s birth, life and ministry largely shapes my life. I often fail but continually strive to be Christlike in my approach to life and the people in my life. I draw insight and learning from others around me, from scriptures, those who share the scriptures and then try to translate that learning into my life.

I am a Saint — I am one because I am a believer not because I am perfect. I’m human, I’m imperfect.

What shapes your life?