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Today is Valentine’s Day, that day when traditionally couples express their undying love for each other. Well in some cases, hubby had better express it or momma wont be happy.

I’m a single these days, have been for the last 20 years. When Frank was alive Valentine’s Day wasn’t ignored, it just wasn’t able to be much of a deal. Frank, ever the romantic, would at some point during the day (likely when enough commercials reminded him what day it was) would say to me, “Hey it’s Valentine’s Day!”. I’d nod and he’d continue, “you should have got yourself something.”

Frank was never much on shopping, his idea of giving a gift was to hand me money and tell me to buy something for myself. I was never much into gifts I had to figure out myself, besides I had what I wanted, I had him. In the early years after he died I was hostile towards Valentine’s Day. It was a reminder to me of what I had lost. For all his rough edges, he had loved me and I loved him.

As the years have passed I’ve come to realize that love isn’t just about romantic love between couples. Love is just as strong and embracing when it is the love for family, God, pets and those people who are so special in my life. I don’t rush out and buy them gifts of chocolates, cards or trinkets. I use the day to think about them and what they mean to me.

Most of them likely don’t even know how I feel about them. I’m not a person who is known for being really expressive about her feelings. When it comes to feelings like the love I enjoy, sometimes I feel words aren’t adequate. Then there is that little voice I keep trying to banish. The one of my mother responding to my telling her “I love you” by telling me not to be so maudlin.

I hope, that of all the people I love and care deeply about that I have never blown you off like that. That I’ve never left you feeling like cupid’s arrow had been ripped from your heart. IF I have, you have my deepest and most sincere apologies. I would never knowingly hurt any of you.

I’ll spend today at times in thought about the many people in my life that for many different reasons have come to mean so much to me. I’d try to name them here but I upon reflection I realize, the list would be too long and danger of missing someone I didn’t mean to miss too great.

As I think of the list, I am reminded that while romantic love is important and powerful, the love for and by others is just as important and precious.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone… you are loved by someone, just look around.