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Once again a summer has flown past and I’ve hardly noticed. This morning I awoke with the need to fly around the house and close all the windows. I think it had something to do with the 50F temps outside and no heat on inside.

I’d say fall has arrived in all but offical form. We’re not getting the trees turning yet but that will come soon enough. I actually turned a heater on in the house today. Which means I can hear the cash register running at the Hydro company since it’s currently the expensive part of the day.

Well, I may have let summer fly by but I am getting ready for an upcoming event early, Halloween. No, I’m not putting up decorations or planning on buy candy to give out to kids who never appear at my door. I”m building a Halloween blog which I hope to have released in a few days. I have the content, just need to get it loaded in.