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Well, it is the start of a new year and it is overdue for me to reboot this blog and post more frequently.

Every step counts; no matter how big or small

In the past year I’ve taken several steps, not all of them big, small or particularly productive but they are each incrementally part of my life. What steps have you taken in the past year?

The biggest step of the year for me was two unexpected awards for my community service. The first was the Legionnaire of the Year which the local Legion branch awarded me. Normally, as President, the selection of the recipient for this award falls to me and I had in fact chosen a recipient. The Honours & Awards chair, Faye Wile, chose to override that choice as her final act in the position she has done so faithfully for several years. It wasn’t her final act because she lost the position, she has moved out of the area.

It’s humbling to be on the receiving end when you’re used to being on the giving end. At first, I was worried that some would be unhappy that the person charged with choosing the recipient was receiving the award. I was shocked and humbled by the heartfelt congratulations I received. 

The more startling award was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal awarded to me in October. That made me one of 60,000 Canadians to receive this award in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. I found that absolutely stunning to receive first the call and then the invitation to the ceremony held in Brighton on October 10th.

On the professional side of my life, while I continue to work as a Debt & Insolvency Counsellor, I also became a licensed Mortgage Agent this past fall. I’m working with the brokerage Mortgage Architects Masters based in Belleville. This overlaps nicely with the debt work as many times clients need a mortgage either to refinance an existing mortgage or to consolidate debt. I can now work in the best interests of my clients to get them the best deal possible for them.

I’ve not lost my interest or enjoyment of writing and will be focusing more on growing my blogs this year. The best service I can bring to current and future clients is sharing the knowledge I have. One project in the works and well underway at this time is the writing of my first book. More on that later.

So, steps of all sizes move our lives forward. It’s why hope springs eternal, we can always take a new step in any direction we need to keep on moving and keeping the faith.