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I’m not real big on making New Years resolutions but it does make for a logical time of year to set out some goals for the coming months. One of the goals I have set out this year is to evict some weight from my body. Yeah, I said evict. See, when you I say I’m going to ‘lose weight’, it is almost like saying “well I’m going to get careless and lose some weight but then I’ll go looking to get it back”.

Isn’t the purpose to keep the weight off and it never to return? Losing it is almost like setting yourself up to gain back all that is gotten rid of and on most diets, that usually means what was dropped and more. I really don’t want to ever see any of those pounds again… so eviction it shall be. Those pounds are an unwanted guests who have been hanging around me for way too many years.

I’ve tried different approaches to eviction over the years. I’ve explored different claims to be the weight loss solution and rejected them for various reasons. I’ve come across an approach that I believe I can live with and can help me towards evicting my unwanted weight.

The weight loss industry is a huge industry, finding what works without impacting long term health is like hunting for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Then there is the food production industry which makes it’s profits based on the amount of its product that consumers consume, that would be why we’re called ‘consumers’. Then of course there is big pharma and the money they make off the health issues associated with poor eating and extra weight.

So, am I suggesting that there is a conspiracy to keep a large portion of the population fatted and sick? No, I’m suggesting there is a lot of financially driven interests which are feeding us information designed to increase their profit margins. In amongst what they say is pieces of real information, backed by pure scientific explorations by people who just want to find answers and not just to give answers others want to hear.

So, we are left with the need to find a path that can work for us and then following it. I’m currently reading through some material which I think will serve as a guide for how I want to tackle this eviction. More on that in my next post.