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Author: Patti

The Weight Eviction Plan

Okay, a goal without a plan is a plan to fail. Yes, I do have a plan. So my starting point is that I’m 389.4 pounds and need to evict 249 pounds. It would be foolhardy for me to think for a moment that I could evict all that in a year. It took more than a year to get on there and I expect it will take more than a year to evict it. The goal this year is to evict the first 50 pounds. If I manage to meet that goal before the end of the year then any additional is a running start on the next round. My plan has to be sustainable, this is going to be a long term effort. I have to create a calorie deficit that I can repeat over and over. I know, it seems the logical answer to that is just eat less at meals. Sadly I’ve proved to myself that the more focused I am on eating smaller portions the more I crave not only food but foods I’d not normally bother eating. It’s a lot like trying to think zero thoughts… the more you try not to think, the more you think. Studies have shown that the body remains in the ‘fed state’ for four to six hours after eating. Once the body moves out of the fed...

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Planning a Major Eviction

I’m not real big on making New Years resolutions but it does make for a logical time of year to set out some goals for the coming months. One of the goals I have set out this year is to evict some weight from my body. Yeah, I said evict. See, when you I say I’m going to ‘lose weight’, it is almost like saying “well I’m going to get careless and lose some weight but then I’ll go looking to get it back”. Isn’t the purpose to keep the weight off and it never to return? Losing it is almost like setting yourself up to gain back all that is gotten rid of and on most diets, that usually means what was dropped and more. I really don’t want to ever see any of those pounds again… so eviction it shall be. Those pounds are an unwanted guests who have been hanging around me for way too many years. I’ve tried different approaches to eviction over the years. I’ve explored different claims to be the weight loss solution and rejected them for various reasons. I’ve come across an approach that I believe I can live with and can help me towards evicting my unwanted weight. The weight loss industry is a huge industry, finding what works without impacting long term health is like hunting for the proverbial needle...

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Strawberries & The Lazy Days of Summer

Today has started out rather foggy outside. It rained last night, couple that with the fog this morning and right now has that feel of the start of some hazy, muggy weather. You know that feeling? The sense that nature is slowing down to cope with the heat and humidity of summer? It will be the first of this weather for this summer season, which feels a lot more normal than last year when the hot humid weather started hitting us in May. Summer also means that the new crops of fruits and vegetables will be coming in. That means that we wont need to be eating fruits and vegetables brought in from far flung areas but instead can eat what is grown and harvested right in the area. Right now, the strawberry season has just started. Now, strawberries is one fruit that I really only eat when the season is on. Fresh picked strawberries, like from my neighbour across the street, can’t even begin to compare to those shipped in from away. Sweet, juicy, plump — the flavour just bursts in your mouth. And then of course, strawberry shortcakes or even just a bowl of them to nibble at. They can be a very versatile fruit. We’ve used them in salads at the branch dinners. This is one of my favourite salad recipes using strawberries that we’ve used:...

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An Easy Sausage Recipe

Well, here we are, almost a half a year gone and this is the first I’ve gotten around to posting here. For some reason it seems like there is always more ‘to do’ than day in my days. Today some of my time is being taken up thinking about the Father’s Day Breakfast that I’ll be involved in preparing and serving at the Legion on Sunday. We’ve been preparing and serving meals at the Legion now for the last few years. Along the way, we’ve come across some recipes which end up being rather popular with our guests. One that has been enjoyed since we first introduced it is called “Sausage Medley”.  It’s pretty simple to put together and can be served hot or cold. We’ve made it with different kinds of sausage but I recommend using a mild Italian sausage. This is a recipe which is not so much dependent on quantities as much as the combination of ingredients. You want to aim for a balance of the sausage, peppers and onions. So, here’s the list of ingredients: Mild Italian Sausage Peppers — I usually use Green, Red, Yellow and Orange Italiano Seasoning Zesty Italian Salad Dressing Sweet Onions Boil and then cut your sausage into pieces. I usually slice them about a quarter inch thick. Then gently brown them in the frying pan. Cut up the peppers...

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Every Step Counts

Well, it is the start of a new year and it is overdue for me to reboot this blog and post more frequently. Every step counts; no matter how big or small In the past year I’ve taken several steps, not all of them big, small or particularly productive but they are each incrementally part of my life. What steps have you taken in the past year? The biggest step of the year for me was two unexpected awards for my community service. The first was the Legionnaire of the Year which the local Legion branch awarded me. Normally, as President, the selection of the recipient for this award falls to me and I had in fact chosen a recipient. The Honours & Awards chair, Faye Wile, chose to override that choice as her final act in the position she has done so faithfully for several years. It wasn’t her final act because she lost the position, she has moved out of the area. It’s humbling to be on the receiving end when you’re used to being on the giving end. At first, I was worried that some would be unhappy that the person charged with choosing the recipient was receiving the award. I was shocked and humbled by the heartfelt congratulations I received.  The more startling award was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal awarded to me in October....

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