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Author: Patti

Here Come da Cops!

Today was a bit of an interesting day. I had to go up to my Peterborough office this morning to do a couple of counselling sessions and an interview. The interview was late showing up. The guy owns two recent model vehicles but since he decided to drive his old beater vehicle and it didn’t start then it was ok to show up late… grrrrr. Anyways, I ended up not getting away from Peterborough until just after 1pm and was supposed to be at a lenten discovery group in Colborne by 2pm. Time to fly slightly low.. and bloody fast. I’m booting it along the 401 and a cruiser comes flying up behind me lights aflashing. I figured I’d been nailed but he flew on past me and headed on east. Whew!! As I whip along the county road towards home I get the headlights flashed at me warning of a cop ahead… so.. needless to say.. I slow down. Just round the curve, and I discover 1 cruiser with a car pulled over and 3 more sitting in front of my neighbour’s barn. I pull into the house, pick up the book I need for the discovery group and head off. A couple of hours later, I return to find one cruiser at my neighbour’s and a chopper circling overhead. Now I’m concerned that a bad guy is...

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Ok, Now I’m Happier

I’ve found a style sheet that works in IE for this theme. Well, mostly works. There is a customization that I did which isn’t working right but for the most part the pages display properly in IE. Needless to say, I’ll be adding a GET FIREFOX button to the site as soon as I...

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Pissed OFF!!

Well DAMN! I just learned that while this theme works great in Firefox.. it is major broken crap in Internet Explorer. SO.. back to the damn drawing board and I was really liking this theme. Guess I will have to go hunting for a similar theme that works in IE.. either that or post a HUGE notice telling my IE visitors to get a damn real browser. Guess I better head off to bed before I get really...

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Sunday is for Rest

The doc gave me some meds for this bronchitis on Friday. I’ve taken a few doses of it and so far I seem to be feeling crappier than better. Guess I better hope it gets worse before it gets better. I was up this morning to get the bulletins ready for Trinity and St. George’s. Got them delivered by 8:30 and then realized that my actually attending church this morning wasn’t going to happen. The better place for me to be was laying down and resting. So, today I spent the day mostly resting and reading newspapers. I let the TV run in the background but nothing really ear catching was playing.  Tomorrow, I will be spending most of the day in my Peterborough...

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Bronchitis Sucks

I’ve been struggling with a bout of bronchitis for a week now. Was in to see my doctor yesterday. Her nurse Angie after taking a reading of my temperature and oxygen levels gave me a news flash — I’m sick. It was good to know that I hadn’t just spent most of the week on my back on the couch because I was lazy. I really liked the look on her face at one point. She asked me if anyone else in my household was experiencing symptoms. I looked at her for a moment and was going to flippantly remind her I live alone but decided to pull a straight face as I told her that Raven who sleeps on my shoulder regularly wasn’t showing any symptoms and Cookie is so mouthy who would know if she had any. She stood looking at me with a bit of a blank stare before realizing that I was referring to two cats. The cough that accompanies bronchitis is the worst part. Well the fatique and weakness isn’t exactly a pleasure to put up with. Doc gave me some antibiotics which is always fun considering that with my multiple allergies to antibiotics that taking one I’ve not had before is a little like playing russian roulette. So, I bought fresh benedryl before taking the first dose. So far, so good. No rashes...

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