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I have a new digital camera and some software on my computer with which I can do some playing around with digital effects on photos I’ve shot. I’m pretty new at doing this so some of my efforts will likely be pretty lame.

Here’s a couple I’ve played with using, guess who, Dawn as the subject. As always, clicking on the thumb print will load an enlarged print.

photo of shadow effectDrawing effects applied I caught Dawn in the shadow under a piece of furniture on this shot. If you look close at the enlargement, you can see the furniture in the background. After applying the drawing effects onto the photo I reclaimed the photo details of Dawn’s face leaving the shadow with less defined detail.

Dawn with a bag

Here Dawn is doing what kitties love so much, playing with a plastic bag. I went for a coloured sketch effect bringing some of the detail up around the eyes, nose and mouth to draw attention her face.