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Wow, yesterday was the largest number of visitors this blog has ever seen. There were 345 visitors to this site yesterday. Drawing the majority of traffic are the articles I wrote on Valentine’s Day. The entry Where Did Valentine’s Day Come From? has received a whopping 875 views since the first of February! For some blogs that is pretty normal, for this one, whose traffic is still growing, that is huge. Thanks to all those who visit.

It’s been a week since I posted an entry here and the last entry was some humour I rather enjoyed. I was working on finalizing the reports for the church’s annual vestry meeting at the time and really couldn’t take time to post a proper entry. The meeting was supposed to be last Sunday but it was delayed until this Sunday as we were walloped with snow squalls last Sunday and those in attendance chose to wait until this Sunday.

Winter may have appeared to have deserted us during December and January but it sure has been finding us in the last few weeks. Wednesday was supposed to have been a Ham & Scalloped Potato Supper at the church and we got hit with a major winter storm which prompted us to cancel it. We’ll reschedule for another (hopefully better) time.

Apollo, who landed on this planet January 28th, has been released from hospital and is home with his mom, dad, grandparents and aunt. I’ve not yet been able to see him other than in pictures. Right now I’m waiting for an updated pic or two since the ones I have are of him not long after birth. I’ve had opportunity to MSN with my nephew, Apollo’s dad, who is really feeling the awesome weight of having brought a child into the world and of course, the pride of having his first child. Mom is doing well I hear.

Wow, Lent begins next week. It seems like the new year just started and we’re going to be 40 days away from Easter. Time sure flies. A lot of people give something up for Lent, I’m taking something on in that we’re going to start a study group at the church looking at the book “The Heart of Christianity” by Marcus Borg. Should be an interesting study. We’ve opened it to people from the other churches.