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I was into Whitby yesterday for lunch with a good friend. On the way back I decided to roll off the 401 and along the lakeshore from Newtonville east. It was a bright sunny day but rather chilly. I took my time along the road which is not heavily traveled as I was looking for photo subjects to aim my camera at. Sort of figured it was about time for me to stop using Dawn and Cookie as my main photo subjects and start finding a few others.

The Walkway Near Port Hope I spotted the walkway over the railroad tracks. As I approached it just looked like a walkway jutting out into the space in front of me so it grabbed my attention. I pulled off the road so I could take a walk down towards it and soon discovered some other subjects to photograph. Stream under overpass

On my left was an opening built into the railway over pass to allow a stream to flow through it. There wasn’t any foliage coming out near the stream but the absence of ice and snow spoke of spring and a preparation of the rebirth that spring brings out.

yellow flowers on the streamTurning around and walking across the laneway I found another story though. There, set against the browns of the dead foliage from last fall was these flowers coming out in flower. The absolute sure sign of spring, life amongst last year’s death.

The day was such it made for a pleasant drive. Sometimes it is good to just slow down and have a look around instead of hurrying from point A to B all the time.