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I have two cats, a thirteen year old half siamese tabby named Cookie and a seven month old part maine coon kitten named Dawn. Part of the siamese half that Cookie acquired is their penchant for being vocal. For several weeks, Cookie has been relatively quiet for her and more demanding of attention than is her norm. click to enlarge

Yesterday, the vocal side of Cookie (seen on the right) returned with avengence. Normally Cookie would take possession of my bed once I vacate it in the morning, burying herself into the covers and sleeping most of the day.

She was having no part of that yesterday, she spent the day ‘talking’ all over the house and baiting Dawn (seen on the left) to engage in scuffling with her. Of course that just broke Dawn’s heart. She loves a good scuffle and since she’s bigger than Cookie is, she can definitely hold her own.

So, a good part of my day as I worked at the computer was spent listening and seeing the two cats tearing through the house bouncing off anything that got in their way as they raced up and down the stairs. It was later in the day that Dawn decided it was time to rest. As she often does, she retreated to a blanket stand I have in the corner near my chair. She likes to sleep near me.

She had maybe 20 minutes before Cookie who rarely ever goes near this stand decided she wanted to also sleep there. For all of another 10 minutes the two of them looked like they were going to share and sleep together. They must have forgotten themselves momentarily. Then the tussling began each in turn managing to push the other out of the bed.

click to enlargeI watched this carry on for a while and then remembered, I have some more wire sides and could create another level on the stand, divide the blankets I’m storing and they could both use it.

Flipping ingenius Patti!

So, I gather up my materials and setup the second level only to learn that the second level simply created another vantage point to carry out stealth attacks on the one sleeping on the original level. Dawn rarely misses a trick! click to enlarge

With a roll of my eyes I went back to what I was working on and left the two of them to work out their own issues. After all, they are cats and I’m only the lowly human.

As day settled into evening I noticed that a silence (other than the TV) had descended over the house and looked up wondering where those two characters were. Glancing around, I discovered that a truce on the blanket stand had been reached.

Cookie had claimed the original level and Dawn had accepted the top level, both of them were curled up in kittyland. Peace finally reigned… well except for that tail of Dawn’s which managed to find Cookie’s face as it occasionally flicked around.

Why do I suspect Dawn of being part possum?