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Yes, I wrote that correctly, I’m stealing today for myself. Since the first of the month it seems I spend more time doing things for other people than for myself. So, today is for ME!

I’m actually supposed to be elsewhere but I decided that where I was supposed to be is not the end of the world if I don’t show up. So, I’m home, doing some reading and some writing that I’ve been wanting to get done for ages. I have to be firmer about taking time for what I need to do. I shouldn’t be trying to work on my own projects and goals in ‘spare’ time, I should be making time for them.

It is easy to get caught up in the ‘sure I can’ mindset. I got to thinking about this yesterday after I had done a debt counselling for a client. Most of my clients I have to push hard to get them to even think of the words ‘budget’ and ‘savings’, this lady is so focused on the two words that she’s in danger of obsessing, if she isn’t already. Instead of us talking about how to budget and save, we ended up talking more about how to find balance between prudent fiscal management and being afraid to spend at all.

Later, I got to thinking about where my balance was. Why was I looking somewhat wistfully at the things I wanted to do to accomplish my short and long term goals while I rushed off to do things for others? If I don’t put time and focus on them, they wont happen and time is moving on in the interim. So, I resolve, I am going to strive to change that. Today is the first move.

Now to see if I can keep taking those moves. Come on along for the wander…. um ride.