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Finally getting around to paying attention to my blogs. You may notice that I’ve just put a new look on this blog using a theme that I found on 50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes. I found that link from a tweep on Twitter. Are you following me on Twitter yet?

The theme at this point is right out of the box. I have some tweaks I want to do to it yet to make it more ‘me’ but I like the overall look for this blog. This blog is sort of a notebook of my life so the theme just called to me to put it to use. Right now it is more important that I actually put some content into the blog than to just play with the esthetics.

As always, the start of a new year gets one thinking about what they’d like to see happen in the year to come. I don’t really get into making resolutions, they just set me up to fail. I do try to set goals though. Last year about this time I said that I wanted to put 300 more posts on this blog in the coming year. That didn’t happen.

This year, I’m thinking more along the lines of forget the numbers and focus on posting more frequently and consistently on all my blogs. I have several blogs, most of which have been pretty dormant in the last year. So my goal this year is to revamp and relaunch (as applicable) the ones I want to keep going and post to them consistently.

This blog, Ides of May, is where I write about my life. I don’t really expect that it would be an everyday posting, 2 -3 times a week would be nice though. Out of the Shadows is my ‘soapbox’ on current events. I have four others I’m planning on revamping and relaunching in the coming weeks. I’ll talk more about them as I get them ready.

I find it is often easy to put aside my own reflective time in favour of something else. I need to be more purposeful in spending that time. It is healthy in many ways and should serve as some content here. The rest of the content…. well that will depend on what I want to yap about. Stay tuned.