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Man, it is hard to believe that another week has flown by again. Last week was busy though. The Legion Executive meeting was on Tuesday evening, I just barely made it in from Oshawa to chair that. Thankfully it wasn’t a long meeting.

Wednesday I spent most of the day cooking the meat for Friday night’s Roast Beef dinner at the branch. The roasts were about 25lbs each. I figured about 4 – 4.5 hours to get them done, putting them on at about 9:30 figuring on getting them out around 1pm and having time to slip into Cobourg to do some errands.

At noon the meat thermometer barely moved, so, I headed into Cobourg and did my errands. Back by 3pm, the roasts were done. All of Friday was spent at the branch helping to prepare the rest of the dinner. Back around 6am on Saturday to get breakfast for about 35 people underway.

Sunday was brunch and then church followed by our annual vestry meeting. Came home to crash after that. Well crashing for me is mostly just hanging out at home. I still tend to tinker away at the computer when I’m supposed to be resting. Although I did spend some time reading on Sunday.

Yes, I meant reading a book that one holds in the hands. I’ve started reading “blink” by Malcolm Glawell, the author of “The Tipping Point”. I started “The Tipping Point” but never finished it. “blink” so far is interesting, it explores what I would normally think of as intuitive thought, the ability to draw accurate conclusions based on minimal input.

I also think of that as the ‘gut response’ which is yet to be proven. If I’m understanding the bit of the book that I’ve read, those responses can have an incredible level of accuracy. Who would have ‘thunk’ it?