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One surely wonders where the time goes. I look at this blog the other day and couldn’t believe how long it has been since I have updated it. Things have been happening in my life. I just haven’t taken the time to write about what has been going on.

Most recently, I spent a few days in London, ON. A couple of reasons took me there, the most important one being I needed to attend the funeral for my friend Scott Hickson who passed away on October 22nd after a long battle with cancer. The secondary reason for the visit allowed me to spend a few days with my youngest sister, Lynn. When the spirit wills her, she blogs at Artemis North.

Scott leaves his wife Kim, who was my 1st Vice President until she had to leave that post to move back to London in order to walk with Scott through his last days. His funeral truly was a celebration of his life. Scott lived with passion, his greatest passion after his wife was his family. He also had a passion for music and a wonderful sense of humour. His service was heavy on laughter and light on tears. He’s at peace now, it is Kim for whom my thoughts and prayers are most centered.

She’s a stronger woman than she realizes and she will get through this time of grieving. She has family and her friends to draw on for now. Her life has she has known it has been turned upside down but in time, that stubborn Irish woman will land on her feet and once again make her own path in life. She’ll be a bit uneasy at first but I have every confidence she will develop her confidence before she even realizes it is there. That has been my experience of her and have no reason to believe she wont get there again.

I stayed at my sister’s while I was down there. She had her grandson (my grandnephew) Apollo visiting when I arrived. What a cute, smart, confident little guy. He adores his Nana, Poppa & Aunt Megan who return the adoration. Megan is a great auntie, she plays with him endlessly — quite proud of her ability to wind him up and then turn him over to his mother to calm down again. Time honoured Aunt’s privilege, although I don’t recall winding Megan up much. I do recall us having some fun together though.

Arriving back in town on Monday I reviewed what’s coming up. I’m about to enter a rather busy time of year. Monday the applications for Christmas Hampers are starting to be received and at the same time we are busily into the annual poppy campaign at the Legion. The campaign will culminate with Remembrance Day, the most important day of the year in the Legion.

November & December are the two busiest months of my year and that is before I even think about anything like Christmas for myself. So, hopefully, I will try to take time to type a few words here over the next few weeks instead of deserting this space.