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You ever hear the phrase “can’t see the forest for the trees”? That has been me for the last while. You see, any material I have explored about being in business, either online or off, tells me I need to identify my passion and then run with that as the base for my business.

Great idea, but, my problem has been, I have so many areas which has my interest. I felt like I was thrashing about trying to find something to set my hat on. For a while it seemed like I had taken on mission impossible. I just wasn’t single focused enough to do this. I should just throw up my hands and run off into the proverbial forest.

Ah, the forest… suddenly I saw the trees. My passion quite simply is — information. My nature has always been that I get a subject in my head, I will explore it almost single minded. So, why wouldn’t I share that information in this the information age?

I’ll need to break what I’m exploring down into various niches and may have to start new sites to keep myself somewhat organized. Since my interests are, and always have been, limitless I shouldn’t have any problem finding topics to explore and share.

I know, sage wisdom is that I should narrow that passion down a whole lot more. Did I ever claim to follow sage wisdom or narrow paths?

Now I can have fun and develop a business(es). Who would have thunk it, me having a passion for information? Man those trees are big in that forest. I’ll be they are at least 50 years old.

Stay tuned.