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Some rights reserved by royalconstantinesocietyI just added a new link to a blog. As you can see, I don’t add a lot of blog links, so I really like this one. Gail Hyatt’s daughter Megan Miller wrote about Brené Brown a week or so ago. I’ve gone back and read that post and watched the video a few times. I learn something every time I do.

Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past ten years studying vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. Now, one would think that she’s pretty dry and boring. She’s anything but, she’s witty, candid, shoot from the hip and talks to you, not at you.

She also talks about a subject we all experience but rarely talk about, vulnerability and shame. Forgive the pun but a lot of us are just ashamed to talk about shame, our own that is. Anyone who knows me offline, knows I’m pretty reserved. I don’t often let people know what I’m feeling or struggling with. I’m vulnerable, just like anyone else is, I just throw a shield up in front of it.

I’ve done such a great job of shielding it over the years, that other than the gut feelings, I don’t even articulate to myself. I’m aware of that need, that I lose a part of living by not being in touch with that part of myself. For me, it’s been this mystery, when a counsellor has said you need to be more in touch with your feelings and to express them, I’ve often said… how. The usual response is you know, you just need to do it.

I guess that gave the counsellor the wiggle room to not have to guide me into space she wasn’t sure about. It threw the onus on me to answer my own question out of thin air I guess.  While exploring Ms Brown’s blog I decided to check out which of her books was available on Kindle (I have the app for that). I purchased and downloaded “I Thought it Was Just Me”, came back to explore the blog further and discovered a read along program for the book.  I’m going to explore that further as I read the book.

So, go to Megan’s blog and listen to the TED talk of Brene’s she has there, look up her name on YouTube and listen to her talks and visit her blog. I think you’ll find her real interesting.