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Well, I’m pleased with myself. I got through a 24 hour fast on Monday, going from breakfast to breakfast. It wasn’t too bad until Monday evening but my habit of not eating after dinner helped me stick to the fast until I went to bed. Once I was asleep, piece of cake, finishing it off Tuesday morning was easy.

So, this morning I got weighed and am showing an eviction of two pounds, that puts me at 387lbs. Now, I’ll consider that to be real when I get weighed on Sunday and it’s still showing.

I noticed yesterday that I really wasn’t any more hungry than usual, if anything, I was less hungry. So, I’m pleased with the first round. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I will start the second fasting period as soon as I finish breakfast. We have a dinner at the Legion on Friday so I will be doing a lot of moving around preparing that. That’s good, exercise doesn’t hurt the process at all.

Stay tuned.