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I would say I’m doing a much better job of getting on the scale every day than I am on updating this blog. So, while a month has passed (well almost a month) without me posting, I have evicted some more weight. When I last posted, I had evicted 5.8lbs. As of this morning, I have now evicted 11lbs.

I’m actually pretty pleased with that. It means at the end of the second month of the year, rather 17% of the year has passed, I’m now 11lbs closer to my 50lb goal or 22% of it has been evicted. So I’m moving closer to my goal at a slightly faster rate than the year is passing. Being ahead is good.

So, have I cheated yet I can almost hear being asked?

I can’t really ‘cheat’ on this process. I can make choices to not advance as quickly as I could but I can’t really cheat. See this whole process is about choices. Any weight loss program is about choices. I’ve been making choices over the last few years that has led me to where I’m at now. I likely could have gotten here sooner, just not so sure I would have felt the freedom I’m feeling with where I am now.

I’ve made choices over the last few years to pretty much eliminate processed foods, refined sugar and wheat from my diet. When I say pretty much, I mean that they become things that I may have on occasion, not as a regular part of my food choices. There are a few exceptions, for example I use Carnation Coffee Mate in my coffee every day. It contains fructose which is a highly refined sugar. I have 3-4 cups of coffee in the morning so as far as I’m concerned it’s not a major addition and one that I would not willingly part with.

By eliminating processed foods aka pre-packaged foods I have made the choice to know what I’m adding to my food. Now, I know, purists would be saying that I should be eating organic and free range food. I agree, there is way to0 much chemical and antibiotics in the food we eat that isn’t processed but the cost of organic and free range makes that a choice I can’t readily make.

Now, I’ve reached the point that I am willing to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight or as I choose to call it, evict weight. I’m not feeling deprived or that I can’t have this or that because I’ve made choices to not have them as a matter of health and well-being. The choices have become part of my mindset.

So, bottom line, if you really want to lose weight and that loss become part of your daily living — you have to make choices that you can live with. If you think you can just temporarily give up the parts of your diet that most contributes to weight gain and then go back to them later, you are dooming yourself to failure.

I’ve doomed myself to failing repeatedly over the years. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but not impossible. What have you done to create your success or failure?

Status: 11lbs evicted; 39lbs to go in 2014

Reference of choice: Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pillon –Click Here!