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Going in Different Direction

Ides of May has had different purposes over the years. It is once again going in a different direction. I’m moving it away from a personal site to one about food and health. My personal site can be found at where I’ll be writing on a range of topics.

What we eat impacts our health, so for me, the two topics are related as much as earth and water. As I’ve grown older I have become increasingly aware of how my food choices can and will impact my general health.

I’ve tried to be careful about my food choices. I don’t always get it right but overall, I seem to have done pretty well as I do enjoy pretty good health even though I am a large person and should be expecting at this stage in life to be suffering the effects of my size.

It gets harder as we get older to attempt to take weight off. I keep trying and I do get a bit of success at times. I consider even a small loss without an accompanying gain to be a win.

I plan to cover foods, health benefits, how to prepare and recipes. Should be fun.