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There was an awesome announcement made yesterday. Well, I think it’s awesome. Three witness accounts came together to form one new witness. In the process the platform got a well respected witness back who had disabled his witness earlier this year.

Who is the new witness?

The new witness account is known as @noblewitness. Their introduction post can be found:

Introducing @noblewitness – The “No Bull” Witness

That’s nice, who are they?

@noblewitness will merge the @anarcho-andrei, @gmuxx and @sircork (teamed with @rhondak) witnesses into one.

Yes, I said @gmuxx. It was with great reluctance that I unvoted him when he announced earlier this year that he was shutting down his witness. A sentiment I heard voiced by many. Welcome back @gmuxx. 

Each of the new team members made their own announcements with their thoughts about the changes:

@Anarcho-andrei: Anarcho-Andrei Witness Update – A Fond Farewell

@Gmuxx: Witness Team Announcement – NobleWitness Assembles

@Rhondak: Breaking News! New Witness Development!

@SirCork: Introducing the all-new, all-star @NobleWitness Team! Oh and also, Happy One Year on Steem to me, today!

I had already voted for each of them so it was pretty clear what I needed to do. Change my votes.

Do you need to change my votes?

If you were voting for any of the above witnesses and now want to support @noblewitness — absolutely. If you want to vote for @noblewitness and have a vote available, I highly recommend you do so.

An example of why we need decaying witness votes

I took a few minutes and scanned over the voting list of each of the witness accounts this morning. @gmuxx’s account is one of many examples of why we need a decaying witness vote. Even though he made an announcement when disabled his witness there are still over 400 voting for him.

Some of those people are likely inactive on the platform. Some of them are very definitely active. In fact, I know some of them are people who have been made aware that he’s no longer a witness as they are active in PYPT and have been present for some of the discussions where it was mentioned.

They just haven’t gotten around to changing their votes. A decaying witness vote would have meant that by now, @gmuxx and the other inactive witnesses, would be down at the bottom of the list and only active witnesses would be at the top along with active voters.

How to review and change your votes.

You can use the witness list on if you wish. Personally, I don’t suggest it. It’s still only showing the top 50 witnesses which means you wont see who you’re voting for who are inactive. Since you’re changing votes, you might as well review who you’re voting for and unvote any inactives, right?

I suggest you start here, at the site maintained by @drakos. You want to visit the Who Votes for Which Witness? page first. Enter your name and hit search to bring up the list of who you currently vote for.

Any names in red, are inactives. You want to unvote them. Take note of any names you want to unvote. Then head to the Witness List page. Have your active key ready, you’ll need it.

Find the name of the witness you want to unvote and click the red thumbs down icon. A Steem Connect window will open for you to verify your vote. You’ll enter your name and the active key. Repeat for each one you want to unvote. To upvote, click the green thumbsup icon and enter you info into the Steem Connect window.

If you don’t want to scroll through the list most browsers let you search using ctrl-F and then enter the name you’re looking for.

It’s that easy. So, what are you waiting for? Get over there and get @noblewitness voted for. Don’t forget to unvote the others as that will free up votes for other witnesses who are deserving.


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