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 Ulogs are popping up all around the platform. The brainchild of @surpassinggoogle who introduced them to the platform as a way for newbies to produce original content by telling about their life.

Then, @snook took on the cause and began evangelizing them far and wide. If you don’t know @snook, let me tell you, there is a reason there is a tag just for her — #snookmademedoit — suffice to say I’m doing a Ulog.

Not sure how often, but it might be kind of fun. So, why not? It’s writing after all and, well, I’m here to do writing. In case you’ve missed the message, I’m doing a ulog.

 Canada Day Today

Today is Canada Day. It’s when we Canucks celebrate our country. So, how come July 1st when the Americans are going to celebrate on July 4th? Well, it’s more an historical thing than trying to copy our American neighbours.

On July 1, 1867 the British North America Act came into effect bringing the provinces of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia into the Dominion of Canada. In 1982 the Constitution Act replaced the BNA and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was added. Dominion Day became Canada Day.

As a child I didn’t remember there being parties like take place today on then Dominion Day. It was a holiday and people enjoyed that it was a holiday but it wasn’t treated as anything special. I do recall the year long party in 1967 which was our centennial year.

Canadian pride was rather quiet and not often expressed. Flags were rarely seen flying. Well, speaking of flags, we didn’t actually have a national flag until 1965. Until then we had the Canadian Ensign which featured the Union Jack and the Canadian Coat-of-Arms. It was easily confused with the provincial flag of Ontario.

Today, Canadians fly the red maple leaf with great pride. During the time Canadians were fighting in Afghanistan when a fallen Canadian was returned home, they and the family travelled under escort along what is now called the Highway of Heroes. Canadians waved flags from the bridges along the route to show respect to the sacrifice the family had made.

Morbid thoughts on this celebratory day. They come to mind as Canada prepares to take up a role in the volatile region of Mali.

On a happier note, the Royal Canadian Air Force for the first time in it’s history is forming the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada.

So, just in case there is any confusion — I am Canadian

Does Anything of Interest Come From Canada?

Well, you mean other than me, right? Of course.

Canadians can be rather creative and inventive. Likely has something to do with our cold winters, people have to do something. We currently have a population of about 35million people. The inventors among us have patented some 1million inventions.

Let’s explore what are some things that you may not know originated in Canada:

— 5-pin bowling was invented in Toronto in 1909
— basketball was invented by a Canadian in 1891 but was played in the US
— lacrosse was played by native Canadians and codified in 1860
— ice hockey was first played in Canada
— Bone Marrow Compatibility Test in 1960
— Electron Microscope in 1937
— Cardiac Pacemaker in 1950
— Insulin for diabetics in 1922
— Kerosene in 1846
— antigravity suit for high-altitude jet pilots in 1941
— CPR Mannequin in 1989
— Electric Car Heater in 1890
— Electric wheelchair for WW2 veterans
— the odometer in 1854
— snowmobile in 1958
— automatic postal sorter 1957
— electric organ 1928
— radio-transmitted voice 1904
— standard time 1878 (sorry about that)
— television system 1927
— canola 1970s
— mcintosh apple 1796
— plexiglass 1931
— electric lightbulb 1874 (sold the patent to Thomas Edison)
— garbage bag (polyethylene) 1950
— paint roller 1940
— snowblower 1925
… and the list could go on

 So What Did I do This Canada Day?

Well, exciting times for me. I spent the day reading and doing some writing. We’re experiencing a heat wave this weekend which is sending the temps up into the 90s and high humidity. My lungs are not real healthy so temps like this are dangerous for me. It’s best I stay in where it is cool.

 Remembering Life is Precious

 This morning I received a call from the branch President. He informed me that branch was going to remain closed today. He then informed me of the sudden passing of one of our members yesterday.

He was out on Lake Ontario enjoying some boating on this holiday, wasn’t feeling well, went to hospital where he died of a heart attack.

He was in his early 70s and a generally healthy fellow. He was very easy going and well liked. There was no reason for anyone to even consider that when they saw him last that it would be the last time.

Remember to appreciate the special people in your life often. You’ll never know when they wont be there to appreciate.

So there I go. The first uLog. Just what you need, my ramblings on a regular basis. Button up and hold on folks.