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So, we have this lady on the platform named @snook. She’s pretty awesome in her way but man, talk about someone who can bend people to her will. There is a reason for that tag #snookmademedoit. She doesn’t demand, she just has this way of influencing you to think you actually need to do as she asks – suggests

She started this really neat podcast called “Pants Are Optional”. The concept is for two Steemians to sit down together and have a conversation without talking about the platform. She asks questions which allows her and the viewers to get to know each other. Snook being snook, most of the episodes end up being very funny and we get to know folks a whole lot better. And if you slip and say the word Steemit … well there is a contribution you’ll be making to a charitable cause. OH, from experience, if Snook slips, she will pay up too.

The Five Questions

1. Would you let me slap you for a hundred dollars and why?

So, really Snook, is this a discussion about how much you’d need to pay to get me let you slap me? OR Just about if I’d let you slap me? If the former, gonna cost you a lot more than $100. If the latter… well… maybe… let’s talk.

2. What time do you normally go to bed and why?

There is a normal time to go to bed? And does the couch count as bed? Cause when I do drop, it’s usually right there on the couch where I do my work. My writing / computer work that is. Can’t say that there is a normal time. I do have times when I will drop off around the same time for a period of time. So I guess that would count, sort of.

3. Favorite day of the week and why?

Every day is pretty much the same for me. With the exception that Thursdays is clearly my busiest day of the week with Pimp Your Post Thursday running twice and the after chats. Some great people take part in the @ramblingradio shows.

4. What board game do you hate the most and why?

Board game? Is that like being bored at playing the game or you talking about a game that takes place on a board? I rarely play non-computer games and can’t really think of a board game that I have to say I hate.

5. If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

Hey people open your eyes and start paying real attention instead of listening to whatever BS fits your worldview. We got people getting put into leadership roles who don’t care about anyone or anything except their little worldview. They don’t care or wont admit that human behaviour is changing our environment and not for the better. Are we going to wait until there is nothing to save before we wake up?

To participate in this contest

Visit Snook’s post: Would You Like To Be A Guest on Pants Are Optional and follow the directions she has written there.