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 Hi, this is Hobo here. Back last fall I showed up at @ShadowsPub’s door early one morning. I had no where else to go and she took me in. I was just barely a couple of months old, so I’m pretty thankful to be able to have a really safe warm place to be. Especially tonight when it is really really cold outside, so she says. I am a short hair kitty and I hear Shadows say that I’m petite and am really sweet. Not sure what that means but i don’t hear sweet when I play and do things like knocking papers on the floor or unroll the toilet paper for her. She thinks someone dropped me off. I think she means when the people in the car let me out and didn’t wait for me. That’s not very nice to do to an animal just because you don’t want us anymore.

I heard her talking with @dreemsteem and @azuredorsal last night about the @spunkeemonkee project and how she’s going to be a Spunkee Monkee Pal. So, she thinks she got this account for that but the gang and I are going to be using the account too. She doesn’t get all the fun.

Since I’ve arrived at her place, I have learned a few things about her. She does a lot of work in the community and has served several times as the Youth Education Officer at her branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. The Youth Education person helps kids learn about Veterans and the service they have given to the country. She sits on a community committee which organizes a festival which is held every spring. It’s a family festival so they do events for the kids. She’s mentioned being on yet another committee that organizes free music in the town square one day a week during the summer. Gee, all those committees, no wonder she leaves the house sometimes.

She likes to read a lot and she writes. I love when she’s reading, that’s a really good time to come and lay down on her and get cuddles. From listening to the conversations about Spunkee Monkee, I’m really looking forward to being able to meet our Monkees. I hear there is going to be four of you that we’ll be visiting. Fun times.

So, I guess I should introduce the ‘company’ part of our name.

First I’ll introduce the most elder of the household, well, other than our human, Dawn is a longhair cat. Shadows says she’s part Maine Coon what ever that means. She tries to let on she doesn’t like me. I think that is so Shadows gives her more attention. Sometimes she forgets she doesn’t like me and plays with me or grooms me. I groom her in return. I know I’ve grown on her and she really doesn’t mind having me around.

There was this one time when she decided to lay down on me. See, she loves laying on Shadows and sleeping. I was curled up on Shadow’s chest sleeping so peacefully. She’s really warm and cuddly to sleep on. I heard later from Shadows that Dawn sat by the computer for a few minutes glaring at me, which, I couldn’t see since I was so comfy asleep. Since I didn’t see her and move, she decided to just lay down on me. The next thing I knew, I was staring out from under her butt. Least she didn’t bite me.

Shadows and her sister @artemisnorth brought Dawn home when she was about two months old. They thought her face looked a lot like a morning sunrise so Shadows named her Dawn. That was twelve years ago.

The other adult cat here with us is Fawnya, that’s a really funny name. Shadows picked him out of a litter of kittens when he was five weeks old but she didn’t bring him home until he was six weeks old. Actually, she says Fawnya picked her. She was reaching for one of the other kittens and Fawnya jumped on her arm, ran up and licked her ear. She decided he was coming home with her when he was old enough.

She decided to bring Fawnya into the house because there was another cat here then named Cookie. She was really old, like eighteen, and Shadows wanted to make sure Dawn had company before Cookie went over the rainbow bridge. Dawn didn’t like Fawnya very much when he arrived but she’s got used to him being here and has stopped chasing him and slapping his butt when he ran to Shadows for protection. He’s ten years old now so that makes me really the baby in the house.

The name, what’s with his name? I’m really glad Shadows talks about stuff that I can hear or I’d never be able to answer these questions. Fawnya is something called Old English meaning ‘fawn’ which is what his colouring is like. He also has amber eyes like me which really kind of made him fawn coloured all over. He’s the only boy in the house and definitely the biggest cat at 23lbs. I really love him, he’s been very kind and patient with me. I really love how he lets me lay down with him. Dawn doesn’t like me to do that so getting cuddle time with Fawnya makes my day.

So, that’s all for today. You know who we are and why our account was started. I hope to get some computer time in a day or two to tell you how things are going here in our little household. Meow for now.