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The first week of the Spunkee Monkee BETA test has finished up.

Shadows has tasked me, Hobo, to comment on our team members when they do their journals. It’s been fun getting to know them and I’ve been getting away with telling stories about Shadows. That is really fun!

So, how is the team doing?

@GG2 started out pretty strong and then has had a few days off. We were expecting that. She has earned a total of 550 points.

@raynen has posted every day and has been a very busy monkee. He’s earned 890 points at the end of the first 7 days. He’s done a bit of digging on the map.

@purplemaze has posted each day even though she was sick for a couple of them. She’s earned 910 points at the end of seven days and has done some digging on the map.

@skysika has posted 6 of the first 7 days earning 810 points and she’s also done some digging on the map.

So, if you don’t know what Spunkee Monkee is, I’m going to borrow some words from @azuredorsal:

This fine group of young Monkees will work hard, and have fun, in the Beta Test of @spunkeemonkee! Working alongside their parents and family, they will hone their talents in 5 areas:

Five Cornerstones Of Spunkee Monkee

  1. Care of the Environment
  2. Hobbies and Talents
  3. Careers
  4. Health and Hygiene
  5. Service To Others

Each time they work hard, and successfully complete some of their tasks, Monkees will earn points. When they collect enough points, they have a chance to dig on the Monkee Treasure Map to find fun prizes for themselves, and digital accessories for their Spunkee Monkee!

SPUNKEE MONKEE is a fun way to get families excited about teaching their kids how to adopt healthy mindsets and start planning for their successful future!

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