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Hobo checking in here.We’re at the end of the second week of the Spunkee Monkee BETA test.

I’ve been visiting the Spunkee Monkees on TeamHobo this week. They really are a great bunch of kids and just having some fun while doing activities offline. They enjoy activities like dancing, animation, drawing, doing video, sports, swimming, reading, helping mom, dad and even their siblings. It’s awesome visiting them and sometimes telling them stories about my staff member Shadows. Who knows, I may take up writing regularly.

So, let’s see where the Monkees are at:


She missed a few days but has posted her journal the last couple of days. HURRAY, I miss my Monkees when they don’t have time to post. It’s like missing a visit with a friend. @gg2 has earned 690 points and hasn’t tried any digs on the map yet.


He’s been busy with Chinese New Year. I really enjoyed the activities he shared and the things I learned about the traditions he enjoys that I never knew before. He’s back at school now and busy as ever. He missed a few days but I hope to see him post soon. @raynen has earned 1230 points and has used 200 points for digs which leaves him with a balance of 1030.


She had a bit of a tough week, she was sick with a cold that kept her home from school but she still did what she could for her Spunkee Monkee activities. She missed a couple of days but you know, it’s about having fun with the game so there are no points lost when a day is missed. @purplemaze has earned 1390 points and has used 900 points for digs leaving her with a balance of 490.


She’s had an interesting week exploring the possibility of being an Olympic swimmer or a dancer. Sounds like she enjoys both activities. @skysika has earned 1410 points and has used 1100 on digs leaving her with 310 points.

I hope the ones who did digs won some cool prizes. Great work all of you! All of the Monkees can take part in an interactive story when they visit the map, they can help decide where the story goes next.

This fine group of young Monkees will work hard, and have fun, in the Beta Test of @spunkeemonkee! Working alongside their parents and family, they will hone their talents in 5 areas:

Five Cornerstones Of Spunkee Monkee

  1. Care of the Environment
  2. Hobbies and Talents
  3. Careers
  4. Health and Hygiene
  5. Service To Others

Each time they work hard, and successfully complete some of their tasks, Monkees will earn points. When they collect enough points, they have a chance to dig on the Monkee Treasure Map to find fun prizes for themselves, and digital accessories for their Spunkee Monkee!

SPUNKEE MONKEE is a fun way to get families excited about teaching their kids how to adopt healthy mindsets and start planning for their successful future!

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Until next time … Hobo & The Gang