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Coffee is poured.

The blank page lays in front of me.

It is a canvas for me to layout words making them malleable to my thoughts and desire.

What shall I shape those words into today?

Shall they take the reader soaring to the clouds only to bring her crashing to the earth in an explosion of creative rebirth?

Will those words twist and dive, rise and fall until a wondrous world emerges to take the reader off away from their own dreary world into one of wonder, laughter, brightness and joy?

Maybe today I will talk real, painting a word picture so real the reader thinks it’s all about her. That some how I found her life and have exposed it for all to see. In fact, it’s a life that is all too real for too many and the dear reader has discovered, she’s not alone.

Maybe today is the day I let the reader learn who is behind the words on the screen. The day I expose myself through words and phrases, showing all the bumps, lumps and rips in the soul of life I otherwise carefully shield.

Today might be the day I look hard at an event and write my own take on it. What I like or don’t like and what I think the event will mean to me and others.

Today might be the day I look at a picture and let it speak to me a story all its own. One that I can twist and shape until I’m ready to share with you dear reader. I hope if I do, it brings as much pleasure to you as you read it as it did to me as I crafted those ever so malleable words and sentences into the shape I was able to present to you.

That blank sheet of paper or screen.

For a writer, it can swing from a point of terror and despair it will ever contain anything which makes sense to a canvas for the writer to craft words into a masterful story or essay or any number of styles.

Yet, we’re drawn to it, over and over. No matter how many times we sit down in front of that blank space and come up blank, we keep coming back. No matter how many times we put words and sentences down then proceed to tear them apart, we keep coming back. We keep coming back, drawn to write and to share. Our canvas of words as dear to us as the one upon which an artist renders their visual masterpieces.

I can but hope that one day, I’ll write a masterpiece, what ever that may look like.

Until then dear reader, I’ll be grateful if something I write is something you enjoy reading. For I enjoy sharing with others and it is through words I do that.

Until we meet again.