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Hey everyone — this is Hobo. Some of you know, I’m Shadows kitten. She had me serve as Monkee Pal for @dreemsteem’s Spunkee Monkees and hasn’t let me write since.

So, while the human is away, the kitty is going to write. I have my own account, @hoboandcompany but I don’t know how to log in. I think I’ve learned a lot since I showed up here last October. I listen pretty close to Shadows and watch what she does.

She thinks I was barely a couple of months old when I showed up at her door.

I’d been outside for a few days before I got here. It was cold out and I was hungry, really hungry. At night there would be lots of scary noises. I’d try to find somewhere to hide so I could be safe and sleep.

I remember some humans playing with me and my siblings. Then one day they took me for a drive in a car. They stopped and let me out of the car to play and then went away. Shadows says ‘they dropped me off’ and she thinks that is cruel.

Her neighbours across the road gave me some food but they left me outside.

One morning I was exploring around just as it got light looking for something to eat and I noticed the door on Shadow’s house. I jumped at it but it wouldn’t move. I did hear and smell some cats behind the door though. Hmmm… someone here likes cats.

I hid in the plants by the door for a while. The house is close to the road and there was a lot of cars moving around. Those things scare me. I’m glad I stayed where I did or I might not have heard Shadows walking around inside and known when to meow.

You know, cats don’t usually make noises around each other. We do it to get the attention of humans. So, when I heard a human inside that house, I meowed—really loud. Then I did it again. Nothing happened so I stopped.

I didn’t want to invite the dogs from across the street. I had barely escaped one of them a couple of times.

It didn’t take long. I heard someone come outside. I stayed where I was. I thought it was a human but, you know, I was pretty young and I could have been wrong. Soon, I saw her standing near the door looking around. I moved and she saw me.

I heard a kind voice, “Hey there little one. Come and see me.”

I was so excited I ran right to her feet. Shadows bent over and picked me up. She looked me over and tickled me under my chin. She likes doing that. Then she started to walk toward—oh no! A car.

For a moment I was afraid. What if she put me in that car and took me away like the humans who brought me here? I didn’t like being outside but at least I was starting to know things around me.

She paused for a moment beside the car. Should I try to escape? She was petting me though and it felt SOO good. Then I heard music to my ears, “you look hungry little one.” YES, I am!

She hesitated a moment and then stepped through an open door into the house. WOW!! I was inside. Sure hope it’s warm in here. Oh yeah, could feel it already.

Shadows stood in the first room for a few moments. Was she deciding if I could stay or if she’d feed me? Feed me…. Please!

Then I saw what she was looking at. Cats, two of them. A really big orangy short hair like me and a smaller long haired one who had similar dark colouring like mine. I soon learned they were adult cats, Fawnya and Dawn.

She settled me on her arm and opened the door to go into the rest of the house.

I watched as she talked to them, introducing me, suggesting they come say hello. Fawnya came closer but wasn’t exactly going to welcome me with open paws. Dawn, made it clear, she was not happy. She ran off to another part of the house.

Shadows sighed as Dawn ran off and then took me into the kitchen. She set me on what she calls the center island, I call it the launch pad. More on that later. I watched while she was doing some things at the counter and then she set a bowl down for me.

FOOD!! Did I start to eat and fast. I was hungry! But then, she took the bowl away..

“Easy there little one, don’t wolf that down like that” Wolf, I’m not a wolf, I’m a kitten. A hungry kitten. That food tasted so good and it was warm.

In a moment or two she gave it back to me and let me eat. She kept taking it away for a few moments at a time and giving it back. When I finally got most of it eaten I wasn’t as starving and I started to eat slower. She left it for me to finish then.

When I finished eating, she played with me for a few minutes and then set me down on the floor so I could explore. I really wanted to make friends with Fawnya. OH, and it was cool he was right near another food bowl. Wow, so much food around.

I ran over to Fawnya and tried to lick him. He looked at me and walked away. Well, least he didn’t slap me. Wonder where Dawn went? So much to learn.

Shadows picked me up again and took me to the litter box. I remembered what it was from the other house I was in. I knew I should use the litter box when I had to go to the bathroom. I explored the box, then used it.

Then I went back to exploring the house.

OH shoot, Shadows is coming. I’ll tell you about my exploring next time I get a chance to write. Shh, don’t tell her.