What Ides of May Will Bring to You

Jul 16, 2020 | General

What’s a more enjoyable, relaxing time than to sit down with a coffee or preferred beverage in hand to lose yourself in some well written fiction. Books or short stories, well written fiction can transport us to worlds we never thought of. Experiences we never thought of, characters we’d love to meet or kill.

Many of the classic and not so classic fiction stories are now in the public domain. That means, they are free to read and even to own. They are not always easy to find though. Ides of May is undertaking bringing some of those stories to you.

Reading helps to stimulate creativity. If you’re a writer, being able to read these classic stories, to explore their story lines can help to fire up your ideas for stories of your own. Speaking of which, there are some who think I don’t write bad fiction. I’ve only turned my hand to it a few times, but am considering trying my hand at it more often. I’ll likely share them here (among other places) and hopefully receive some feedback.

Stay tuned. It should be a fun journey.