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Ides of May

by @shadowspub

How Did We End Up With Daylight Savings Time? Do We Really Need It?

Spring Forward — Fall Back

Took me many years to figure that simple method out. That clocks would spring forward in the spring for daylight saving time and back in the fall to Standard Time.

There are some aspects of my life I just let happen. I don’t really question it. The ‘it’ has always happened when it was supposed to and the weave of life was undisturbed.

Occasionally, one of those ‘its’ catches my attention and I take a closer look. Right now, that would be time, or rather, the movement of clocks in the spring and fall.

Time changes have caught my attention more in the last year. Partially because when running radio shows online, I have to be more aware of time differences. Time zones can be confusing enough. Toss in semi-annual time changes, confusion grows. Then toss in those time changes happening at different times of the month or not happening at all.

It’s enough to make a person run screaming into the night, be it one hour earlier or later, depending on where you are.

The final tweak in my notice meter arrived in the form of a conversation taking place in a chat room. Like so much in life, the perceptions of where daylight savings time came from, when it started and why was, well, interesting. read more…

If I Had Three Wishes, OR, Daring To Dream

IF I had three wishes, what would they be?

On the Steem platform, challenges keep making the rounds. Someone will come up with a theme, write a post and then nominate others to carry on with the theme. I don’t always participate when nominated. Other times the challenge will sit on my to do list for a while before I’ll finally tackle it.

A while ago, @guiltyparties put out a challenge for people to write about what they would want if they had three wishes. It was pretty simple:

  1. Make a post with the three wishes
  2. Mention someone who like this sort of thing
  3. Use the #three-wishes tag

A few days later others — @sgt-dan, @blind-spot, @inthenow and @snook — decided that I should be tagged. And there sat the challenge on my to do list. I think they did this to taunt me. To keep on nipping at my heels reminding me I’d not yet risen to this challenge.

I’ve always been a person who tends to view wishes as ‘wishing doesn’t make it true’. As I kept mulling this over, I kept swinging between wish big cause they wont happen and be practical, you never know what might happen. read more…