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Ides of May

by @shadowspub

Why Am I On The Steem Platform?

Several days ago, a Steem user who goes by @therealwolf asked in a post for people to respond about why we’re still on the Steem platform. The subject has been sitting idly around waiting for me to get a roundtoit.

I decided that I would write about the platform and why I’m still here after two plus years but I would do so as if I was talking to someone who doesn’t really know what the platform is.

You, dear reader, may actually be someone who doesn’t know what the platform is as I’ll be posting this off the platform as well as on it.

What is Steem?

The Steem platform is a blockchain which produces the token STEEM. Unlike bitcoin, STEEM is not mined through energy sucking algorithms running on high-end computers. STEEM is mined through what is referred to as proof of brain. The use of the blockchain to produce content generates STEEM.

The blockchain is the brainchild of Daniel Larimer who is currently part of the EOS project. The first block on the Steem blockchain was produced in March 2016. The first project running on the blockchain was the website and was opened in July 2016. I joined in August 2016. read more…

Wandering Into the Weeds With Skill and Forethought

How often have you read a story or listened to an orator wandering off into the weeds, so to speak, and take forever to get to the topic at hand? Sometimes, the wandering is just that, aimless and without form.

In the grasp of someone able to wander into the weeds who can take you for a tour through the weeds and back to the original topic at hand while demonstrating the weeds were integral to the topic, you’re in the company of a skilled and eloquent storyteller.

The trip into the weeds is known as digression, a temporary shift from the main subject. The skilled storyteller can use this literary tool as a stylistic or rhetorical device to move the topic along.

The Roman statesman Cicero was a master of digression with his ability to shift from the question or issue at hand to a more generalized topic. His digressions always turned out to have a direct bearing on the issue at hand but he arrived at it in a round about manner with the use of digression. read more…