Progress Is Slow But Needs to Be Lasting

WOW! I almost dropped off the couch when I saw that it was back in February when I last posted here. I knew it had been a while, but didn’t realize just how long. Very bad on my part. Thankfully, while glacially slow, the weight eviction hasn’t stopped. I hit the 20lb mark back in May and have felt quite stalled there.

In fact last week, I noticed that I had crept back up 4lbs. When you’re going down in very small numbers, going up 4 is huge. That’s disheartening. The goal here is to not only evict the weight but to form a relationship with food that supports keeping it off so that it becomes a normal part of how I live and eat. Continue reading Progress Is Slow But Needs to Be Lasting

Gee Has a Month Passed?

I would say I’m doing a much better job of getting on the scale every day than I am on updating this blog. So, while a month has passed (well almost a month) without me posting, I have evicted some more weight. When I last posted, I had evicted 5.8lbs. As of this morning, I have now evicted 11lbs.

I’m actually pretty pleased with that. It means at the end of the second month of the year, rather 17% of the year has passed, I’m now 11lbs closer to my 50lb goal or 22% of it has been evicted. So I’m moving closer to my goal at a slightly faster rate than the year is passing. Being ahead is good.

So, have I cheated yet I can almost hear being asked? Continue reading Gee Has a Month Passed?

Small Victories Are Truly Sweet

No. I haven’t abandoned my goal for 2014 already.

I’ve been without my laptop for almost two weeks and it appears it is going to be at least a few more days. The hard drive died, I returned it to Staples who sent it to their repair depot for repair. They will then bill Acer as it is under manufacturer’s warranty. They had to order in a drive for it. I learned today that the new drive failed and another has to be ordered in. Better it failed in their hands than back in mine, I would have been seriously ticked at that.

So, thankfully, I have my iPad mini. It’s not as convenient to work on as the laptop but considerably better than nothing at all. So posts will be short and mostly to the point. Continue reading Small Victories Are Truly Sweet

First Challenge Met

Well, I’m pleased with myself. I got through a 24 hour fast on Monday, going from breakfast to breakfast. It wasn’t too bad until Monday evening but my habit of not eating after dinner helped me stick to the fast until I went to bed. Once I was asleep, piece of cake, finishing it off Tuesday morning was easy.

So, this morning I got weighed and am showing an eviction of two pounds, that puts me at 387lbs. Now, I’ll consider that to be real when I get weighed on Sunday and it’s still showing.

I noticed yesterday that I really wasn’t any more hungry than usual, if anything, I was less hungry. So, I’m pleased with the first round. Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I will start the second fasting period as soon as I finish breakfast. We have a dinner at the Legion on Friday so I will be doing a lot of moving around preparing that. That’s good, exercise doesn’t hurt the process at all.

Stay tuned.


The Weight Eviction Plan

Okay, a goal without a plan is a plan to fail. Yes, I do have a plan.

So my starting point is that I’m 389.4 pounds and need to evict 249 pounds. It would be foolhardy for me to think for a moment that I could evict all that in a year. It took more than a year to get on there and I expect it will take more than a year to evict it. The goal this year is to evict the first 50 pounds. If I manage to meet that goal before the end of the year then any additional is a running start on the next round.

My plan has to be sustainable, this is going to be a long term effort. I have to create a calorie deficit that I can repeat over and over. I know, it seems the logical answer to that is just eat less at meals. Sadly I’ve proved to myself that the more focused I am on eating smaller portions the more I crave not only food but foods I’d not normally bother eating. It’s a lot like trying to think zero thoughts… the more you try not to think, the more you think.

Studies have shown that the body remains in the ‘fed state’ for four to six hours after eating. Once the body moves out of the fed state it’s then triggered to start burning fat stores, and I have plenty of those. So it would seem that I need to make sure that my body passes the fed state for a period of time before once again putting it in fed state. The logical solution would be intermittent fasting, Therein lies my plan.

Brad Pilon wrote a book a few years ago which explored a wide range of published studies and reports on the subject of weight loss, exercise and fasting. I’ve been reading through “Eat, Stop, Eat” and have reached the conclusion that I’m going to work on his suggested plan of intermittent fasting coupled with moderate eating. The fasting periods creates a calorie deficit, by not eating more between the fasts the deficit encourages weight eviction.