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Gee Has a Month Passed?

I would say I’m doing a much better job of getting on the scale every day than I am on updating this blog. So, while a month has passed (well almost a month) without me posting, I have evicted some more weight. When I last...

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First Challenge Met

Well, I’m pleased with myself. I got through a 24 hour fast on Monday, going from breakfast to breakfast. It wasn’t too bad until Monday evening but my habit of not eating after dinner helped me stick to the fast...

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The Weight Eviction Plan

Okay, a goal without a plan is a plan to fail. Yes, I do have a plan. So my starting point is that I’m 389.4 pounds and need to evict 249 pounds. It would be foolhardy for me to think for a moment that I could evict all...

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Planning a Major Eviction

I’m not real big on making New Years resolutions but it does make for a logical time of year to set out some goals for the coming months. One of the goals I have set out this year is to evict some weight from my body....

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Strawberries & The Lazy Days of Summer

Today has started out rather foggy outside. It rained last night, couple that with the fog this morning and right now has that feel of the start of some hazy, muggy weather. You know that feeling? The sense that nature is...

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An Easy Sausage Recipe

Well, here we are, almost a half a year gone and this is the first I’ve gotten around to posting here. For some reason it seems like there is always more ‘to do’ than day in my days. Today some of my time is...

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Every Step Counts

Well, it is the start of a new year and it is overdue for me to reboot this blog and post more frequently. Every step counts; no matter how big or small In the past year I’ve taken several steps, not all of them big, small...

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Who Stole Summer?

Once again a summer has flown past and I’ve hardly noticed. This morning I awoke with the need to fly around the house and close all the windows. I think it had something to do with the 50F temps outside and no heat on...

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Ordinary Courage

I just added a new link to a blog. As you can see, I don’t add a lot of blog links, so I really like this one. Gail Hyatt’s daughter Megan Miller wrote about BrenĂ© Brown a week or so ago. I’ve gone back and...

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