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Ides of May

by @shadowspub

Disconnect in a Connected World

I was watching a recent episode of Madam Secretary, one of the shows I do enjoy watching. This particular episode involved some intrigue around the acquisition of a new fighter jet. We learn right at the start of the episode from one of the main characters this jet has some great bells and whistles but flying it is like trying to fly a brick.

The Secretary of Defence is made aware of this design flaw early on but after all, there has been years of work and millions spent on this choice, so throughout the show, the Secretary of Defence repeatedly makes the comment, “at the end of the day, it’s a really great jet”.

The disconnect between the reality of what the jet was and what the Secretary of Defence wanted it to be was stunning. I rather expect it was a deliberate part of the plot considering what seems to be way too common in the world right now.

The disconnect between what is claimed and what is real is widespread. read more…

Spunkee Monkees – Kids Earning Treasures Online for What They Do Offline

I’ve talked in some of my posts about the Steem platform and the ecosystem which is developing there. Through the various interfaces, content creators can post their content and earn the crytpocurrency Steem.

I’ve been on there for over two years. I love the community that develops there. I have especially enjoyed watching the ecosystem develop in scope and diversity. From websites where you can create and upload content like articles, videos and photos to apps you can download to phones to interact with the blockchain.

But, it’s not actually Steem I want to talk about today. It’s an app which is in the early stages of development called Spunkee Monkee. I watched the project go through its Alpha phase in November and really saw the vision of its creator @dreemsteem come to life.

Now it’s getting ready to move into the Beta phase and it needs help and support to truly bring it to life.

What is Spunkee Monkee?

I’m going to quote @bluefinstudios to answer that question:

“Spunkee Monkee is a chance to help families, with children today, to grow and learn while also developing some critical life skills!!”

The program is family oriented. Parents know how tough it is to get kids to engage in tasks to build life skills, especially when those tasks will take them away from their screens.

The Spunkee Monkee app encourages kids to get away from their screens, complete activities in the real world and then return to their screens to be rewarded for what they have done through an online game which lets them dig for hidden prizes on an online treasure map.

The app encourages activity in these five areas: read more…