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Ides of May

by @shadowspub

Considering Obligations – Not All Are Equal

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting you to be home.”

“That’s the easiest way for me to answer the phone. What’s up mom?”

“I have the arrangements for your grandmother’s funeral. The service will be at the funeral home on Thursday at 11am.”

“Thursday? November 11th at 11am? I have three uncles who are veterans and they are good with a funeral at 11am on Remembrance Day?”

“Well, yes, that is when the funeral home had time. Nothing can be done about that.”

“I wont be there then. I have services to conduct at the cenotaph and that is where I’ll be. I’ll attend the funeral home on Wednesday to pay my respects.”

“Get someone else to do it. It’s your grandmother’s funeral.”

“Mom… I took on certain obligations when I took that oath to be branch president. One of them is ensuring that the public observances of our most important day of the year is carried out with decorum. I can’t just drop the details into someone’s lap two days before. It takes me weeks to put it together.

I’d really like to be at grandma’s service but I can’t be two places at once. Later in the day, I could attempt to get there.”

“Well! Apparently you don’t care!” and the line went dead read more…

ULOG 7: The Fundraising Video Which Became a Birthday Present

Back in July during one of the PYPT afterchats, @sgt-dan suggested that the people in the Steemit Ramble do videos where they sing a song and then they are compiled into a video to be used as a fundraiser for @youarehope and @tarc.

I thought about it a bit and then agreed that it would be a great idea and I’d like it released by September 1st. The concept very much matched my sense of community. The release date would be near my 60th birthday and I thought it would be a great way to celebrate with community.

After some further discussion about what was needed to accomplish this @bluefinstudios very deftly led the ‘meeting’ in nominating and acclaiming @snook to lead #teamwemadesnookdoit. After some initial shock and confusion at being on the receiving side of her own abilities, she agreed.

Shortly after, I received my first directive from our team leader. I was to do a three minute audio about community and how I feel about it. I was to have that ready by August 15th. Well, I pulled it off by the 18th. A few days ago, @snook asked for some photos from my community.

There was some discussion about the song to be used. I liked the suggestion of “Lean on Me”. @isaria agreed to take a look at the lyrics and see if Steem oriented lyrics could be developed. @thehive tossed out some suggested lyrics and they were passed on to @isaria.

What I didn’t know at that point was that @snook and others were preparing to put their own spin on the video. The fundraiser was becoming a birthday video for me. What a kind, thoughtful gift. read more…